Sunday, August 31, 2014

15/18 : The Good Kind of Busy

It's back to zombie mode school which means I am back to working from sun up to sun down. I'm not complaining as I love, love, love being this kind of busy because this kind of busy is filled with things I enjoy doing and with people that I enjoy being surrounded by! However, clocking in at 7:15am means there is no way for me to get my morning runs in before work, so these last three weeks of training are going to challenge my problem solving skills to see if I can piece together my training runs as well as lifting.

For week 15, I lifted before work and ran either with K or after I got home from being with her. I thought leaving the house while the sun is still sleeping would be hard but I forgot how much I enjoy the atmosphere of a gym. Note: Atmosphere, not smell or people who don't wipe down their machines or guys who think they are Ahhhnold Schwarzengger.

Yesterday was my last 20 mile run before my race. I made a killer plate of spaghetti on Friday night and woke up feeling rested and ready. The first 10 miles were AMAZING. Like, couldn't have gone any better. Until, that is, my legs started feeling a bazillion pounds, my feet felt on fire and the temps started to rise, making me want a gallon of water and an ice cold shower. S-t-a-t. I pushed through but by mile 17 I physically and mentally hit a wall. I tried everything - recited motivational quotes, turned my Pandora station, mentally made my grocery list (over and over), counted how many bubbles I could blow with my gum. Any random thing you can think of, I did.

I got back to my house and felt defeated. How am I suppose to run a marathon if I can't even run 20 miles? I texted Mel because she can relate to 100% of the things I'm going through as she's gone through them, too.

I went on with my day and settled in with the fact that it's OK I only ran 17 and not the scheduled 20. I know race day is a whole other ball game and "easier" to find motivation and stick with it. By the afternoon, I thought about heading out to run my last 3 miles. I knew it wasn't going to necessarily help me but my stubborness kicked me out my front door and by the end of the day Saturday, I had completed 20 miles worth of running. 

Monday - Lift (Chest & Triceps)

Tuesday - Lift (Back & Biceps), 5 mile run 

Wednesday - Lift (Legs & Calves), 5 mile run

Thursday - (Shoulders & Abs), 5 mile run

Friday - rest

Saturday - 20 mile run  

Sunday - 5 mile bike ride

Let's end this post with a little running humor for ya, shall we? 

P. S. What tricks do you use when you a hit a wall? Comment below.

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