Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 simple rules

Do you ever wonder how to pray? I do. I always wonder if I'm saying the right things, if I am being selfish in the way I ask for things, etc. Here are 10 simple rules on how to pray.

1. Pray where you are. God is present everywhere and
ready to listen.

2. Pray when possible in a quiet place where you can be alone. It is well to fix your mind deliberately on God, apart from confusing distractions.

3. Pray to God simply and naturally, as to a friend. Tell Him what is on your mind. Get help from the prayers of others.

4. Pray, remembering the good things God has done for you. Reckon up your blessings from time to time, and give thanks for them.

5. Pray for God's forgiveness for the unworthy things that you may have done. He is near to a humble and contrite heart.

6. Pray for the things that you need, especially those that will make your life finer and more Christlike.

7. Pray for others, remembering the situations they confront and the help they need.

8. Pray for the world in its need, asking God to bring better things & offering your help to them.

9. Pray above everything else that God's will may be done in you & in the world. His purposes are deeper & wiser than anything we can imagine.

10. Pray, & then let God use you in answering your prayer.

{ taken from The Lutheran Prayerbook }

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