Tuesday, January 24, 2012


...I unlock all 4 car doors even though I'm the only person getting in.

...I make to-do lists just to make myself feel like I have my life in order.

...I want to apply for jobs that have nothing to do with teaching.

...I wonder what this world would be like without Facebook, twitter, or the cast of Jersey Shore.

...I spend more time reading about health & fitness than I do at the actual gym.

...I question how water is helping my body when it goes right-through-me.

...I buy home decor & then realize that I still live in my parents basement.

...I lie & say I'm going to blog about my Hawaii trip aaaaand then I whip this one up.

...I can run for days.

...I can barely run for 3 miles.

...I get so excited about the future even though I have no idea what it entails.

...I have writers block & have nothing to blog about (hence this post).

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