Thursday, January 5, 2012

my life uncertainties

I have been home now for 4 weeks. To me, home is coming back to the place where my family is. Where I grew up. Where my friends are. But coming home this time around was different. I'm not sure why I have such resentment towards this place or if it is just me growing up & knowing that there is so much more than this. Everything is the same. The people, the town, the pace. I have a new fire in me that wants to get. the. heck. out. of. here. I'm not sure where, I'm not sure when, but all that uncertainty is what is making my life "exciting" right now.

I am a planner. I have a planner. Color coded & everything (thanks mom for those genes). So when my life at the moment doesn't have a future plan, you can see where that stresses me out. I am soon realizing that I need to simply go with the flow and appreciate my time back home (as much as I can't wait to say adios).

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