Thursday, September 6, 2012

a favorite

I had the day off today so decided to have some "me" time (because I clearly don't get enough by living by myself and only knowing a handful of people here [insert sarcasm]). I started my morning at Barnes & Noble. I somehow find browsing the aisles "fun", especially with a Starbucks in hand. Anyone else feel like they are stealing if you grab a load of magazines, find a corner, read them all, & then return them to their place? I do. But I still do it anyways. 

After purging through magazines & my latte was no more, I drove to Washington Park. On the weekends, this place reminds me of a mini We-Fest. Well, minus all the drunk people, girls walking around in next to nothing, & I'm fairly certain you won't find anyone using the bathroom in anything other than a bathroom. You will find hundreds of people, from babies to oldies, having picnics, playing volleyball, listening to music, reading, playing tennis, sitting by the lakes, catching some rays, running, biking, rollerblading, & anything else you can think of. After looking through my pictures, you will know why I spent over an hour walking around. I did in fact get asked to join in on a game of volleyball, but shy me turned it down & said I had a coffee date to get to. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. 

Look familiar miss Meghan Murray?

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  1. Awww... love this! Only thing missing is our white jeep and ME! These pictures are beautiful :)