Thursday, September 27, 2012

suit up

Lace up your shoes, throw on your jersey, & let's go. It's time to play.

We are no longer going to stand on the sidelines or sit in the stands. We are no longer going to critique those that are playing as what are we doing? Watching. Watching people fall & get back up. Watching people get hurt & get healed. Watching people score a goal & get rewarded. Watching people work together & seeing that a little teamwork can go a long way. We are no longer going to fear the unknown as the unknown is something to embrace & look forward to. 

The people that sit back & watch others are the people that have nothing going for them. They are waiting for things to happen because they are too scared to try something. They are the ones that are jealous of you & all your adventures. They are the ones that look at your life & wish it was there's, yet they remain on the sidelines. Stop. Being. Scared. --- He knows what he is doing & He will never take you through it unless He knows you can handle it. 

Our failures come about when we try to be something that God doesn't want us to be. In failure, something is born. Look at your own life & think back to a time where you thought the world was ending & nothing was going your way. Where are you now? What did you learn? How did you grow? If you are still stuck in that rut, go play. Stop throwing a pity party for yourself & get out there. You can't fly unless you fall. 

In our failures, mistakes, risks, there is always something greater that is to come

I can't take credit for all these words as the sermon I heard on Sunday is what sparked this post. It was one of those sermons that moved me, inspired me, motivated me. I URGE you to listen to this teaching as I guarantee that you will take away at least 1 thing from it, if not 10. 

Go play (& hope that the refs in your game aren't replacements!)

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