Saturday, September 29, 2012


A picture walk of my week : food, life, & happenings

Dinner: whole wheat pasta, sprinkle of parmesan & garlic salt, steamed broccoli, & garlic bread

Breakfast: Chobani vanilla greek yogurt, handful of frozen triple berry blend, & granola

Is there anything better than a morning run around the park when the leaves are changing & the air is crisp? Technically yes, but this is pretty far up on the list. My list, anyways.

Getting organized & filing my bills. One word - adulthood.

I will never get sick of driving to work. & this was even on a gloomy day (might I add that since I have lived here, there has been maybe 3 days that the sun hasn't been shining. Awesomeness.)

Followed through with one of my challenges of eating no bread. & lived to write about it.

Beautiful times a gazillion. 

Fall-la la la la is in full swing at my house. 


If you haven't noticed, I gave my blog a little makeover. What's new besides the layout? I have added a couple tabs at the top where you can see: contact information, book recommendations, & a short snip-it about yours truly. 

As much as I LOVE reading your comments on my Facebook, I would love to be able to read through previous blog posts & read your comments on here. I strongly urge you to start commenting on my blog as anyone can do it (you do not need your own blog!). 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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