Tuesday, September 4, 2012

new beginnings

This might be my favorite day in the social media world. As I logged in to Facebook, I was flooded with images and status updates about the first day of school. I love (& hate) seeing my nephew standing on the front step, backpack on back, & grin on his face, ready for his first day of 2nd grade. I say I hate it because I still remember the day he was born & now he is probably going to break a girls heart this year with his ravishing good looks (complete with his 2 front teeth missing) & charming ways (the kid can "pass gas" on cue). 

As kids are getting ready for school, so are the teachers. I have 2 good friends, Meghan & Mel, who are starting their first day of teaching. I wish them nothing but the best & know that they are going to have an awesome & exciting first year! 

& then there is me. Today I start my new job. I am nervous but ready. With all new beginnings, & I have had my fair share of them lately, I know that it is going to take time to "get the hang of things". I look forward to the opportunity to use my creativity to help the company grow & getting to know the people that I work with. 

Whether you are starting something new or not, the seasons are changing & a fresh start is around the corner. Embrace the unknown, live in the ever curious present, & live each day as a new beginning. 

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