Tuesday, September 4, 2012

thank you, colorado

I knew that moving to CO was going to take a toll on my body, but I didn't know it would do so many things to it. 

Exhibit A) I am ALWAYS tired. No matter how much sleep I get, my eyes are constantly burning.

Exhibit B) For the first week, I had a constant headache that would NOT go away.

Exhibit C) I got on the treadmill 4 days after moving here & couldn't even make it half a mile before thinking I was going to pass out (mind you I was running on average 5 miles a day back home).

Exhibit D) I have already gone through a box of Kleenex due to the runny nose that will not leave.

Exhibit E) One drink down & I am Miss Chatterbox.

The kicker that really "got to me" was the whole working out thing. At first I was frustrated. How do I go from running miles to running not even one mile? How am I going to burn calories when I can't last more than 15 minutes? I've learned that with these first few weeks here, I was going to have to slowly adjust & find alternative ways of staying active. 

With that said, I have taken up swimming, interval training methods, & yoga. I am still building my endurance up for swimming but I feel so refreshed & awake when finished. I have taken a liking to interval training on the treadmill because I find that I am so focused on the time & speeding up/slowing down that when the time is up, I feel like I had just started (I am then reminded that my butt just got kicked when I look at the sweat that is dripped all over the treadmill. Cute, huh?). I bought Jillian Michael's Yoga DVD last week & figured I'd give it a try this morning. I figured it would be pretty "easy" since I had done Centergy (mix of Pilates & Yoga) all summer. Umm, yeah, boy was I WRONG. Miss Jillian & her smirky little remarks of come on people, this is the easy level really made me want to punch the TV. Don't worry, I couldn't because I was either doing the Downward Dog or a Sun Salutation that left me laying on the floor feeling defeated. You won this time, girlfriend but I will be back for a rematch! 


  1. The change in altitude is definitely an adjustment! It truly takes awhile. Living in Idaho we always had runny nose/watery eyes due to smoke from the wild fires and SAGE was a huge irritant. We used Claritin and other allergy meds quite a bit- helped clear the headaches too.

    You are way too determined to let it keep you down :)

  2. The headaches have finely passed but still tired & "out of it" quite a bit. Hoping that my body will soon get back to normal!