Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Just like that, my vacation time back in Minnesota is over. I am currently experiencing what I like to call a "happiness hangover", and the tears that were shed as I left the land of 10,000 lakes could have made it the land of 12,000. Bittersweet times, my friends, but boy were some wonderful memories made! 

My training was a little wonky this week as I didn't want running to get in the way of enjoying my time at home doing what I wanted to do. And eat. Remember those few pounds lost on my cleanse? They're back and they brought some friends, too! More on nutrition in a future post.

I spent most of my time at the lake and was reminded quickly at just how humid it gets. HOLY. No matter what time I set out, I would return with dripping sweat and a face that resembled a tomato. I started the drive back to Denver on Sunday but stopped in Omaha for the night. Thanks to my generous friend, Ali, I stayed at her apartment and took advantage of her building's workout room.

Monday - 10 mile bike ride, Jillian Michaels Ab Video

This is the face of a girl who went off road biking at the lake and may or may not have gotten lost in the forest. Katniss wouldn't be proud. 
Back on the road. Phew!

Tuesday - 2 mile run 

Wednesday - 7 mile run 

Thursday - 15 mile run

Friday - 1.5 mile walk, Full Body Circuit 

Saturday - rest 

Sunday - 4 mile run

Oh treadmill, I didn't miss you! 
Can't beat this scenery 

Coming to your mailbox this week: Minnesota Trip Itinerary & Bachelorette Party Do's & Don'ts

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