Sunday, July 20, 2014


Halfway through my marathon training! YEAH! After coming off vacation, I felt exhausted at the beginning of the week. It didn't help that I got back to the city on Monday night and worked 12 hours the next day and 11 hours the following. Oh, reality. Always have to be there don't you?!

I typically do my runs before work but when my alarm went off on Wednesday morning, I used the ol "listen to your body" advice and opted to sleep for an extra hour. I figured I could run on K's treadmill or just hit up the gym in the evening. After breakfast, I told K that I had to run but the thought of doing so seemed so far out of reach. I just felt blah. Being the wonderful 9 yr old that she is, she said she would bike next to me and keep me motivated.

She would zip past me saying things like "Go Carrie go!" and "You are as fast as a cheetah!". Entertaining? Yes. I was proud of her for staying with me the entire 5 miles as last week she wanted nothing to do with her bike!

Monday - lift

Tuesday - 4 mile run

Wednesday - 5 mile run 

Thursday - 5.5 mile run, lift

Friday - 4 mile walk 

Saturday - Manitou Springs Incline 

Sunday - ice these bad boys…

Today was a scheduled 13.1 mile run but after I got in a little argument with the mountain yesterday, I decided it was best to take the day off and run it tomorrow. 

P.S. Are you good at listening to your body when it needs a break? Comment below.


  1. My 9 year old son loves to ride his bike with me...most days ;-) he's a great encourager too. I definitely listen to my body! I attribute remaining injury free during my two marathons to this. A day or two off won't put you behind. But not listening could cause injury and lead to weeks or months off. Smart to listen! :-)

    1. I am quite stubborn when it comes to taking a day off but know that it will benefit me in the long run! Thanks for the comment!