Sunday, July 6, 2014


Monday - Body Pump

Tuesday - 5 mile run

Wednesday - 7 mile run

Thursday - 4 mile run

Friday - 4 mile run

Saturday - rest

Sunday - 14 mile run

I am officially moved in to my new place which means no more stress headaches caused by the looming cloud of "you have so many things to move" floating above me. I introduced my new roommate, Nicole, to Body Pump on Monday. The first time is always awkward (in part to the routine and fast paced switching of the weights) but she killed it and did awesome. Always a bonus working out with your friends!

On Thursday, Alissa and I drove 14 hours to Minnesota so I knew I wanted to get my training run in before we left. I'm glad I did because there was no way I would have been able to fit it in by the time we reached our lake plus I could barely walk after being in the car that long. 

Today was my (dreaded) long run of the week. I have never run farther than 13.1 so when I say I dreaded this run, I mean it. Since I am at the lake, there are no sidewalks or real trails to run on which made it a little tricky to figure out a course. My dad biked next to me which was SUPER helpful. He kept me company, encouraged me when I would let out a swift "Oh my God!!!" after him telling me we were only on mile 5, and carried water to keep me hydrated as it was humid as HECK out. One thing I most certainly don't miss by being out in Denver! 

What do I miss though? The simplicity of lakes country: rollings hills, endless green fields, and a blue sky to top it all off. 

In case you're wondering how I felt at the end, I think this picture speaks for itself. Let's just say I'm happy it's over but do get a slight panic attack knowing my mileage is only going to keep increasing!

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