Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Denver Hit & Run 5K // Race Entry Discount Code!

I've done my share of races but nothing like the one I will experience on August 16th. After watching the video (link posted at bottom of post) of what I have to expect during this race, it reminded me of a cross between American Ninja Warrior and Wipeout. Umm..HOW FUN is that?!

"The Hit and Run 5K is an exciting, fun race for people of all ages. We've have runners varying from ages 10 (the youngest age the participant can be) to 70. You can run, jog, or walk the course depending on your ability. The obstacles are meant to be challenging, but not hard. If you approach an obstacle, but are hesitant, you can go around or watch other racers attempts. We also allow friends and families of the runners to watch and take pictures of their runner at the obstacles. We also team up with local charities and donate some of our funds to their good causes."

But seriously, how awesome does this race look.

This is the perfect way to close out your summer by gathering up a group of friends (because you know you won't want to look ridiculous alone!) and having fun along this 5k course! I was beyond ecstatic when the folks at the Hit and Run 5k reached out and gave me a discount code for my readers! Register HERE and...

To get 20% off your race entry, use the code: 


During the registration process if you click the option to share on Facebook, you can get and additional $5 off!

Link to Youtube Video: http://youtu.be/Sf1R65ewPmM
Still have questions? Email: info@hitandrun5k.com

Thank you to the people I have been in contact with at the Hit and Run 5k. I look forward to your race!

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