Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bachelorette Party 101

Do decorate.
Don't stress about making it look like it came straight from a Martha Stewart Catalog.  

Do enjoy adult beverages. 
Don't be "that girl" and drink too many. Keep it together, ladies!

Do what you did when you were 10 years old; jump off the dock, dunk one another, make "hair art".
Don't forget, when dunking the bride-to-be, that payback is around the corner. 

Do take a handful of group pictures to document all the lovely women that made the day what it was. 
Don't care that you didn't shower that day. 

Do play a game that involves everyone. 
Don't play 10 of them and annoy your guests. 

Do buy her gifts even if she says she doesn't want any. Be creative!  
Don't ask the bride directly what size she is. A) Spoiler alert B) Ask the MOH

 Do what every friend should and always be there for the bride-to-be; pre-wedding, wedding day, and years to come! 

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  1. This makes my heart smile!!!!!! Love you lots MOH!!!