Friday, July 18, 2014

A Heart Divided

I grew up being taught that I can only have one love; one favorite ice cream flavor, one favorite color, one favorite food; one favorite sports team. I was told to share my favorite this and my favorite that, when in reality I didn’t have just one, I had many.


While sitting on the dock at my parent’s lake house, my thoughts dwelled on this notion of only having one love. Throughout the week, I thought more about it as my mind kept switching from “I love Minnesota” to “I love Colorado”. I would miss CO when friends would text to see if I wanted to go to the mountains and hike and I would fall harder for MN when I would have my toes in the sand while I  looked at the still water as the sun reflected off it.  It came down to this: I have my heart in two places and that is ok.

 My time back in Minnesota was mostly spent at the lake, which has always been my safe haven and place to cure the ache and ignite the memories. It’s been my “go-to” when I need to get away, be reminded of simply and effortless beauty, and that I am and always will be a lake girl. It’s a destination that, rain or shine, is a meeting place for family and friends, and the perfect backdrop for pictures and Croquet and an adult beverage at 2pm because why not?

I spent a couple days at the cabin by myself and surprisingly didn't get bored or lonely. I enjoyed my morning runs along the hills of green grass and I enjoyed my morning coffee while sitting on the dock with my toes dangling in the water. I spent the afternoons reading on the patio and spent the evenings writing in my journal and catching up on the days gossip via E! News. 

Lake Snaps

This is the reaction I get when I ask to take a picture with them

Making fun of how girls pose 

Kendall singing "Jesus Loves Me"

Mallory singing "Let It Go"

They put on a great talent show! 

Learning and playing the "Cup Song" 

Home Snaps

Cheering on Marcus at his baseball game

The kiddos loved "driving" Auntie Carrie's new car


As I sit here, back in Denver and back in the groove, I pride myself in knowing that my heart is in two places. How fortunate I am to love where I live and love where I'm from. I find comfort in knowing that wherever I am, I'll be learning and growing and taking photographs along the way. I look ahead and can't wait to tell my future children the experiences I've done and the people I've met and the places I've seen. I can't wait to tell them that they can love Barbies and toy cars at the same time, and that having a twist cone is ok because who says you can only love vanilla or chocolate?

  After all, two is better one. 

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