Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to Run When You Can't Walk

How do you run when you can't walk? You don't. You get frustrated, discouraged, and wonder how in the heck you're suppose to train for a marathon when you flinch every time your right foot kisses the floor. Unfortunately, that life is my life at the moment. 

Monday - Yoga

Tuesday -  4.5 mile run 

Wednesday - Elliptical & lift

Thursday - Yoga

Friday - 3 mile walk 

Saturday - Elliptical & Bodypump

Sunday - 14 mile bike ride 

Not being able to run has made me stir crazy. I live in a city where no matter what time of day it is there are runners on every sidewalk and I want so badly to be one of them, but I can't. I tried to be on Tuesday but ended up making my foot even more cranky (yes, my foot apparently has the emotions of a teenager) which equaled more pulsing pain.

However, with no big runs this week I was able to act my age and enjoy a couple drinks with friends and not have to order water and be in bed by 10pm. Right now, that's the only positive I am finding through all this.

"The Doctor Will See You Now"

I had a consultation last week with a Dietician and will see her again on Thursday. I will go more in depth about my reasons for going and what she is teaching/helping me with after my follow up session! My next "big" appointment (the one that I'm most freaking out about) is tomorrow when I see a Podiatrist. I'm praying and hoping and crossing everything that can be crossed that my foot injury isn't too serious and that I will get the clear to continue my training according to the schedule I am *trying* to follow. 


  1. I will definitely be thinking & praying for you tomorrow that your appointment goes well!

    We got this bike ride. :):)

  2. I can always count on you to have my back!

  3. Let's get this foot back to normal! I know a lot of people who have had to stop running altogether because of injuries--that is the last thing we want for you! Way to take initiative and get it checked out sooner rather than later! <3