Saturday, August 23, 2014

Volunteering is the New Black

You don't need a reason to help others. There isn't a "to-do" list to complete before you can lend a hand, a test to take before offering your time, or a dollar amount to pay before assisting your peers. 

I started being a greeter at my church this summer. I welcome both strangers and friends into a building full of life and hope and love. I'm there already so why not flash a smile and say hello! 

Just today I was a volunteer at the Colorado Courage Run, Denver's only race supporting Parkinson's! The morning was perfect - beautiful weather, location, and people (I even met a woman whose family is from Fargo). Combining my love for running with the satisfaction of offering my time towards a great cause is enough to fill my plate with all things splendid. 

5 Reasons To Volunteer

1. Develop new skills
2. Help a cause that lights you up
3. Meet new people
4. Connect with you community
5. Expand your horizons

P.S. What is your favorite experience as a volunteer? Comment below. 

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