Friday, August 1, 2014

Queen of the Mountain

I received a call this morning, but not before my coffee was finished. The cup I drank from was hand painted by myself last week when I took K to Color Me Mine. 

My church is doing a summer series on Psalm 23 and it wasn't until now that I feel myself connecting more deeply with this verse as we disect and dig deeper into it. 

Who called me when my cup was empty? Horsetooth Mountain Park in Fort Collins, CO! 

Once I got to the top and turned around to see the view below, the words "holy shit" may have slipped out. Ok, they did but CAN YOU BLAME ME? 

It was an enjoyable 2.5 hour hike (minus the part where I was told there were two rattlesnakes ahead) and I met some interesting people along the way. If you are looking for a moderate level hike with beautiful views, I highly suggest this one!

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