Thursday, February 16, 2012


From blogging in MN to my first blog post from NC, here I sit. After walking in the rain (Aaron is at work, therefore, his car is there) to get here, I cozy up in a corner, wipe the water from face, power up the MacBook, & begin.

While sitting in the Chicago airport between flights yesterday, I wrote down a list of things I have yet to blog about. Whenever I start something new, whether it be decorating a new room or starting a new blog, I decide what kind of mood I want it to be. Some blogs I read are all about their family, kids, husband, work, while others I read are all about photography. I'm not sure if I have found my specific "mood" yet. So, like some people in this world, maybe my blog will be bi-polar. From my weekly thoughts about "the unknowns" to displaying my amateur photography skills, I will blog. Some posts will grab your attention more than others, & some will make you stop reading halfway. Whatever the case may be, I love doing this. I love being random & letting people know that. I love sharing my thoughts, recipes, crafts, pictures, etc.

I have always loved making things. Especially things that are sold in stores & I know I can make the same thing, if not better. Cards are an example of that & I have found my mood when making them. Simplicity.

Make a cup of coffee, turn up Pandora, pick my paper, & watch me go. They may not be uber fancy. Nor expensive. But they are sincere. They are my way of saying, take that Hallmark.

In a world where thank you's & happy birthdays are said more often through e-mail & text messages than snail mail, giving handmade cards are important to me. I want people to know that I think about them. Design the card. Take time to use my creativity in a way that will make a person feel important. Because really, who doesn't like to feel special?

If you know of an occasion (birthday, anniversary, or a "just because") coming up where you would like a handmade card to give someone, shoot me an e-mail or message me on Facebook. I would I love to help you make someones day special!


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  1. Your creativity amazes me and I LOVE IT!

    Love you --- Mom