Sunday, March 4, 2012

nothing but the best

I met Mel my sophomore year of college, her freshman year. We had the same class together, & it wasn't until we were paired up for the same classroom observation teacher, that we started talking. 

The girl & and I had numerous things in common. Some of which being those freaky "no way, you too?" moments. 

She is one of those friends that is always there for you, always ready to make you laugh, & always up for a lunch date to Panera (oh how I miss those!)

In just 2 weeks, she is starting a new adventure & will be student teaching in Australia for 6 weeks. This is the same program that I tried to do with my student teaching, but was unable to go due to lack of interest from my other classmates. I am still bummed that I was not able to get that experience, but am SO happy that Mel will! 

Mel has created her own blog to journal about her time "down under". I expect to read about her teaching stories, the food, the weather, & of course those cute Aussie boys that we all  keep hearing about. I wish you nothing but the best. Your bubbly personality & contagious laugh will have the kids falling in love with you! 

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