Friday, March 2, 2012

serves you right

Everything in life we learned in Kindergarten. The same goes for how you should treat every person you see every day, no matter if you are dear friends or strangers passing each other in the grocery store. After a rough night at work last night, due to some immature guy who would not. leave. me. alone, I have compiled a list. A list that you should read & remember for the rest of your life. 

1. Say your "please & thank you's".

It's called manners people, use them. Say please when you are asking for something and thank you when you get it. It's not rocket science. 

2. Push in your chair.

You would think this one is common sense, tis not. I'll help you out. When you are leaving a table, simply use your arms in a forward motion to push your chair back in. Got it?

3. Put things back where you found them.

If you take something out, put it back when you are done. This will keep your life organized & your belongings where they should be. Last night I found one of our menus underneath the table. Really?

4. Don't ask strangers for their phone number.

Guys, do not ask random girls for their phone numbers 5 seconds after seeing them. You look dumb. I was asked if I would write my number on a guys tab. Sorry sir, I'm a little more classy than that & have a boyfriend. Nice try. I'll give you my therapists number if you want that, though? 

5. Don't propose to a person you just met.

If the only words you have said to a girl is "I'll have a tall Bud Light", I would say it is too soon to propose to her. I'm at about 3 marriage proposals in 1 month. First off, I know you're joking around, but never propose to a girl at a bar. Second, if you are going to propose to me, you better have a ring to prove it. Third, if you are missing more than 1 tooth, your chances of me saying no have skyrocketed. 

6. Say nice things.

When you say nice things, the world is just a better place. If the person you are talking to is getting red in the face & it looks like smoke might be coming out of their ears, I would zip the lip. This is extra important to remember when talking to strangers. I wish the guy I wanted to punch in the face last night could read this. After bugging me non-stop to give his friend my number, I said I was taken. He then went on to ask questions about my boyfriend & the night ended with me, in my car, doing the ugly cry. Long story short, don't be an a-hole. 

7. If someone does a good job, reward them.

Let the person know you appreciate what you did for them. Whether this is by sending them a card, telling them in person, or tipping them well. I haven't had one person tip me poorly, although there is that certain age group (my peers), who still think it is acceptable to tip $1-$2. I'll give them a break since most of my peers are either in school or paying off school loans, but when you are in a stable job & have a little more money, please tip better.

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