Thursday, March 15, 2012

state hockey

Last weekend my family, along with a couple hundred other Moorhead hockey fans, headed down to St. Paul for the weekend for the High School Boys State Hockey Tournament. My family has gone for the past couple years now, even if the Spuds don't make it. After a win the first night & losses the following 2 nights, we ended up bringing the 4th place trophy home. 

The car ride down was less than spectacular. Anyone who has driven anywhere on I-94 knows that there is nothing to look at other than fields & a few trees here & there. Thank goodness for my mug of coffee & Pinterest.

I'm tired. Which in turn makes me not want to sit here & type out some of the details from the weekend. With that said, here are some pictures (& a few words). 

Chris & his friends...

...& Brian & Nelly with their friends

Marcus enjoying the energy balls that I made

The fish (I mean kids) couldn't get enough of the hotel pool

Although Kendall loves to say the word "hockey", she was a bit more entertained playing with the chair than actually watching "hockey"

Watch out! We have a 2 year old on the road!

Great weekend with family & friends. But seriously, can we just win a dang state championship sometime soon?! 

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