Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Favorite: L.O.V.E

You've either been looking forward to this day, dreading this day, or just treating it like any other Friday on the calendar. For me - it's none of the above. Today, I'm not celebrating a relationship with a boyfriend or husband, but rather celebrating the act of love.

For me, love doesn’t have to come in the form of a Hallmark card and roses. It doesn’t look like a box of chocolates or a dinner at my favorite restaurant. For me, love looks like:

Holding the door

Forgiving a friend

Giving a compliment

Making a phone call to a dear soul no matter how busy I am

Donating those “I’ll wear it someday” clothes that I haven’t worn in months

Teaching a child the act of kindness

Trusting, hoping, perservering, protecting

Knowing when a friend needs help, and being there faster than a Jimmy John's delivery boy

Maybe you are reading this and you have found a person that you claim as your own. Today, throw that love a party and every day after. Talk about what love looks like, sounds like, acts like in your relationship. 

Maybe you are reading this and you are single. Today, seek out the things around you that exemplify and radiate love. Surround yourself with those today and every day after. 

Question & Comment: Where do you find love? 

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  1. You are someone I LOVE so much! In fact, I love you forever!!