Monday, February 3, 2014

Twitter Feed: Super Bowl Style

The city of Denver had been "cray cray" ever since knowing the Broncos were heading to the Super Bowl. Billboards cheered on the team and storefront signs were hung saying they would be closed Super Bowl Sunday.

In all honesty, living here has not made me a die hard fan, but it has made drinking a beer on an occasional game day Sunday not a bad gig. This Sunday was different as we were in the Super Bowl, the creme de la creme of it all!

Yesterday morning I realized that I had no team "flair" so headed to Sports Authority only to walk out with a youth size medium t-shirt because it was either that or a $50 XXL mens sweatshirt. After getting ready, we met up with friends at a local bar.

Soon after kick-off, I couldn't keep my thoughts to only those around me, so I took to Twitter to share them with others.

Pretty sure you're suppose to catch the football

So maybe I'll be getting a cab home now

I would play defense so I could be fat and fit

Now is not the time to be colorblind Peyton

It's fun when we have more than one 1st down and it's the second quarter

"No shirt no service" should apply for everything...including the

I feel like either way our fire department is going to be busy tonight

April fools came early, right?

Check please.

I'm scared to leave my house in fear that our town has burned to ashes....


  1. I seriously was laughing so hard at your tweets!!!


  2. I had to make some light of the situation! So embarrassing!