Saturday, February 1, 2014

Riding Shotgun

He told me that I’m too black and white and that I need to go with the flow, relax, and whatever is meant to be…will be.  Me being the stubborn person I am came up with every excuse to prove him wrong, all while talking myself out of my own thoughts because I knew he was right. 

I jump to the gun with things.  And by things, I mean boys.  

Can I see him talking sports with my dad?  Would he get my brothers sense of humor?  Will he roll his eyes when I tell him I’m going to church?  Would he cringe when I tell him that I could care less about basketball?  The sound of their shoes squeaking on the floor?  That’s enough to make ME cringe!

I sat back and let his words sink in.  I reflected on past relationships and came to the conclusion that I failed at them because I rushed it and in return, rushed the whole thing towards a downward spiral.  That’s not to say the person on the other end of the relationship was perfect, but I knew my contributions weren’t helping.

The notion of taking things “day by day” came up in conversation when a friend and I grabbed coffee earlier this week.  We talked about it all – men, friendships, faith, work.  We worry about things that aren't in our control yet we try to take the wheel and steer it in the direction we want.  These twists and turns we make trying to direct our lives leave us empty-handed, broken, frustrated, and they most certainly don't add more breaths to our days.  We all deserve whatever it may be but when all we do is focus on the future, we lose sight of the present.  The here and the now.

 I'm asking you to join me in living in a world that is full of color, not just black and white.  Do something today that will help tomorrow.  And then do it again until you are able to look back and see that you were riding shotgun next to Him all along. 

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