Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quarter of a Century

I will never be mad that my birthday falls on Presidents Day and that 99% of my life I have not had to go to school or work on it. That's a present in and of itself! I feel like so many things happened this weekend that make me want to give life the biggest bear hug ever. From the friends that spoiled me with their time and love to the always fun Facebook posts, text messages, and phone calls, you sure made me feel like a million bucks!


The lady friends and myself went to Canvas and Cocktails for an afternoon of painting, sipping, dancing, singing, and laughing at our lack of skills of trying to do all 4 simultaneously! 

I put on my apron, looked down, and saw that it said "B-day girl"...bingo!

Action shot!

Any buyers?

After our paintbrushes were put away and our new artwork was ready to go, we continued the celebration at Second Home for some drinks and apps!

Apple and Pear Martini, I will curse you for days to come. Tasted so good = made my head hurt so bad. 

Lost a few girls and gained a few more! 

Monday - BIRTHDAY!

I woke up bright and early thanks to me forgetting to put my phone on silent the night before my birthday. After responding, FaceTiming, and chugging the water next to me (I told you those martinis were dangerous), I was feeling antsy. The sun was shining, the temp was going to reach 60+, and I was craving adventure in the outdoors. I asked Anna if she wanted to tackle the Manitou Incline with me, making it my third time and her first, and she agreed! She did a great job and finished under an hour - woo hoo!

Later that night we headed to Piatti's for one last birthday celebration. The food was delicious, the restaurant was simply adorable, and I couldn't have asked for better dates to join me!

I can't thank these two enough for making my birthday weekend special, memorable, and just plain FUN. Life has given us many "tests" in our friendship but at the end of the day, we have always been by each other's side. Hashtag TFU. Hashtag insidejoke. 

If the day couldn't have gone any better, we arrived back home to open presents and Anna gives me my cake in the form of Pumpkin Protein Bars! Liiiiiiiiiike....HOW PERFECT? 

"Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live the longest."


  1. Wow! What an awesome post, Carrie and what a FUN birthday weekend for you! You deserve it girl! You look great as always and I think 25 might be your best year yet! Your paintings were absolutely adorable and it's so great to see all of your friends you have made since you moved to Denver- you have a lot of them! :) You're a very lucky girl! Cheers to 25 and hopefully this year rings in a trip to Chicago and more Denver trips for me! :) xo!

    1. Mel, Carrie, and I are thinking about a trip to Chi in the summer!!!!!!

    2. Thank you, Amanda, for such kind words! I had an unbelievable weekend and I have my friends, both near and far, to thank for that! I would LOVE a girls trip to Chicago and also more visits from YOU to hopefully your future home : )

  2. What great pics and a great bday!! So glad you had fun! I know the good times will just keep on rolling! Cheers to a great year and here we go, 25!!!

    1. The good times aren't stopping anytime soon! Thanks again for being part of my birthday celebration - love you!