Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Story to Tell

Remember when picking the theme for your birthday party was the most stressful thing in your little, tiny life? I do. Remember when going to Party City and picking out the plates, napkins, and party favors provoked feelings similar to those you feel on Christmas morning? I do. Remember when you turned 26 and got a concussion at the Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias concert? I kind of do.  

When I was looking at tickets to buy for an upcoming Avalanche hockey game, I saw that this concert was taking place on my birthday. I tossed around the idea of going, mixed in with other things like, "do I really care to see these performers? Who would join me for it let alone on a Tuesday night? How many drinks would it take to make me forget this is what I chose to do for my 26th birthday?".

My girlfriends were in and we were all in agreement that: This will be fun! Hilarious! Entertaining! Work is going to suck on Wednesday! 

We started the night at Brooklyn's for drinks, girl talk, and…

...laughs. Many, many laughs. Before we knew it, it was time to head across the street for the concert. We were all unsure of what to expect but assumed it was going to be one big dance party and that our odds of prime people watching were in our favor.

We were right about both. See "dance party evidence" above. It all went downhill (literally) during the last song. One second I was dancing and the next second I was on my back in the row ahead of me. The guy behind me "fell" on me which propelled me forward, throwing my jaw out of place and instantly I could feel my body starting to bruise. While my friends were helping me up, the guy fled. It took about a day for my jaw to get repositioned back into place and the right side of my body has the most beautiful, rainbow-colored bruises on it. I got a minor concussion and still have a constant headache but thanks to Tylenol, Netflix, and a snow storm making me stay in bed, I'm doing alright! 

I already know what I'm doing for my 27th birthday and that is staying home where the encore of the night won't involve getting a concussion and putting a man on my "MOST WANTED" list. 

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