Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Recipe: Roasted Beets & Butternut Squash

The first time I ate beets was about a month ago. After one bite, I knew it was love (or something like it). I was initially turned off by the color but the taste was similar to a potato which made up for it. Potato = carbs = happy Carrie!


  1. Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees. 
  2. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until coated. Bake for 20 minutes or until tender. 
Serves 4

I've been taking a serving of this and a 4oz. seasoned chicken breast for lunch and it has been hitting the spot. This would also be a great side dish for your next social gathering! Enjoy!


  1. We actually call them Rustic Cut Ruby Red Beets, but Rusty Ruby is a good suggestion! ; )

    1. My apologies! I will make the edit right now. Thank you for pointing it out and for making such great products!