Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dear Twenty-Something Self // part two

The responses I got after posting yesterday was overwhelming - my phone wouldn't stop going off!  I am so pleased that you all are enjoying this "mini series" as much as I am. Today I have my friends Mary and Vicky sharing how they would answer the question:

What would you tell your twenty-something self?

"Explore the world. Make some new friends. Take risks. Be independent. Live life LARGE! You know, I have a daily tear-off calendar and one of the pages said, "Life is not an emergency." Don't sweat the small stuff!"
                                                  - Mary

* * *

"After college its normal to feel like you should have the rest of your life all figured out.  But you don't.  Not now.  Or after grad school.  Or after that first big hire.  There are so many more firsts to come.  So open your arms wider, embrace all the opportunities to come your way, and know that you'll never really feel like you have it all figured out.  And its ok.  

You think you know yourself pretty well.  When really?  You are only about half-baked.  You won't be close to fully baked until you are moving into your 30's.  Being in your twenties is the most free you will ever be.  So go.  Do.  Be.  And just know, you'll fall down 5 times, but get up 6.  Whatever you do, just keep moving forward.  Out of the experiences you garner at this age, you will learn the lessons you need to grow more fully into who you really are. 

Lean in.  When the going is rough.  When the job disappoints.  When the boyfriend leaves.  When things fall apart.  Lean into the experience, and go all the way through it.  You'll come through the other side, wiser.  Stronger.  Better prepared to tackle the next hard thing coming along.  If you learn how to do this now, you'll grow in grace and trust your emerging instincts." 
                                                                                           - Vicky, The Westra World

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