Sunday, February 15, 2015

{K I T C H E N} Products You Need To Know: Part Three of Three

1. La Croix Sparkling Water

I kicked my pop habit a couple years ago and formed a new habit of only drinking water and coffee. While this isn't necessarily bad, it was starting to get a little boring. I had my first can of La Croix at a friends house a few weeks back and have since been hooked on this calorie-free, sodium-free, and sweetener-free drink. It comes in a variety of flavors including Coconut, Berry, Peach Pear, Passionfruit, and more! This lady gives La Croix two thumbs up!

Where I Buy It: Target

2. Vegetable Noodle Maker by Veggeti

 Oh baby, what would I do without my voodles?! If you have never heard of the word "voodles", it's because you have probably never known that you can make noodles out of vegetables with the help of this snazzy kitchen utensil. From zucchini to squash to sweet potatoes, just spiral it through the hole and you have healthy, low-carb noodles.

*I bought my veggie noodle maker at a small kitchen store in Minneapolis. I do not know the name of the company who made it, however, Vegetti is a very similar product that produces the same thing.

Where I Bought

I thought Skinnygirl only made "skinny" alcoholic drinks so I was taken by surprise when I saw this popcorn at the grocery store. The flavor of butter and hint of sea salt is the perfect amount and won't leave you feeling guilty for eating the entire bag (which is only 160 calories!). Skinnygirl Popcorn also comes in Lime & Salt flavor, too.

Where I Buy It: King Soopers

4. Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

This product was designed with the health-conscious in mind. MISTO is a reusable, refillable sprayer that adds flavor, uses less oil, and reduces fat and calories. I have only put Extra Virgin Olive Oil in mine, but you can also fill it with lemon or lime juice, and vinegar, to add a light mist to your salads, meats, pizza, and more!

Where I Bought It: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

5. Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Gone are the days when drinking "fancy" water was only for the salon and spa. Now, you can enjoy infusing your own water at home with whatever foods/herbs you would like. Whether it be cucumber, mint, strawberries, or lemon, simply cut up the ingredient, put in the center part of the pitcher, fill up with water, and soon after you will have added a little pop of flavor to your H20!

Where I Bought It: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

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