Saturday, February 7, 2015

{B E A U T Y} Products You Need To Know : Part One of Three

1. Dry Shampoo by Dove

Whoever invented dry shampoo deserves a lifetime supply of hugs and kisses. I didn't even know it existed up until this year and now after using it every other day, I can't imagine life without it…or the extra time I have to enjoy my morning coffee!  It is healthy to give your hair a break from shampoo and conditioner and to let it get a little greasy. If you're like me, my hair gets stringy when greasy but after some sprays of this product, it thickens up my strands and soaks up the grease. Bonus: it smells amazing.

Where I Buy It: Target

2. "Killer Queen" Perfume by Katy Perry 

I give all credit to my friend, Ali, for getting me hooked on this perfume. After staying with her when I ran my marathon, I used Katy Perry's "Killer Queen" body lotion and became more than just a fan of her music. I'm not one for super fruity smelling perfumes and this is anything but. It's rich, smooth, and based on how frequently I get complimented on the scent, I'd say we all have a little room for some KP love in our hearts!  

Where I Buy It: Ulta

3. Aquage Uplifting Foam 

When my hair lacks in the volume department, this product makes up for it. After finding Aquage Uplifting Foam, you would have thought I discovered the 8th wonder of the world. I can't tell you how much I hate when my hair is flat on my head. You don't need much, just a few sprays applied directly on your roots, and you will notice an instant lift after your blow-dry.

Where I Buy It:

4. Naked Palette Eyeshadow by Urban Decay

Remember when blue eyeshadow and Bath & Body Works roll-on glitter was your free-ride to popularity? I do. I also remember looking like a clown and always finding sparkles on every inch of my body. Now that we are grown and mature women, I'd like to introduce you to this eyeshadow. I own two of the three (I think that's all there is) palettes form Urban Decay. Both have more "earthy" tones but are quite different from one another, making it fun to mix and match colors from each. My mom taught me a couple things about makeup, but applying eyeshadow wasn't one of them. Did you know that if you go to ULTA they will teach you how to apply it for free? Take advantage and learn how to get that smokey eye look the right way and not the "I look like I have two black eyes" way. 

Where I Buy It: Ulta

5. "Better Than Sex" Mascara by Too Faced

One thing I would never change about myself is my lashes. They are long and thick and always out to play. I give credit to another friend, Danielle, for applying this product on myself one Saturday evening. A little bit clumpy but not too much, they amplified my lashes and made them stand out even more!

Where I Buy It: Sephora

6. Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer by Too Faced

This bronzer smells like hot chocolate so do I really need to continue? I will, but only to say this stuff adds the perfect amount of color on my face during the winter months. Remember, bronzer is not to be used on your entire face! Consult with an ULTA makeup artist to teach you how and where to apply it.

Where I Buy It: Ulta

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