Monday, January 20, 2014

#WorkItOut100 : Interview With Amanda McGuire

Meet Amanda.  Her spunky personality is contagious and her positive outlook on everything will make your worries seem minuscule!  Recently, Amanda started a 100-day journey that has proven to be changing not only her life but others as well.  I asked her to share with me some "behind the scenes" of her challenge #WorkItOut100. 

What is #WorkItOut100?

#WorkItOut100 is a challenge I created after seeing a video on YouTube of a woman who committed herself to 100 days of working out.  She was over weight, not happy and just ready to make a change in her life.  She decided to “Give It 100” and ended up seeing many results and is currently still working out and making progress.  After seeing this video it really got me thinking, I’d love to commit 100 days to working out to see what this body of mine can do.  I was fully planning on doing this challenge alone and was super pumped up about it.  I created #WorkItOut100 to include on all my posts so people could follow along.  Turns out the hashtag and challenge ended up spreading like wild fire and now I have 30 people who have committed to this #WorkItOut100 challenge and I couldn’t be more excited!

Working out everyday must take a toll on your body.  How have you stayed committed?

Working out definitely does take a toll on your body. Before going public with this challenge I sat down and made a list of workout ideas that I could do along this journey.  Every workout doesn’t have to be super intense- sweat flying, muscles burning workout.  A workout can be as easy as going for an hour walk outside.  It could be swimming laps, taking a dance or yoga class, etc.  My motto is: Get up and move!

Where did you find your workout ideas?

I get workout ideas all over the place.  I make up a lot of my own workouts such as different cardio exercises I do each day and I have a weight lifting schedule I learned from a trainer a few years ago (Bi’s and Back one day, Tri’s and Chest one day, a leg day and I do abs 4-6 times a week).  I also find a lot of awesome workout ideas on Pinterest.  It’s as simple as searching: Workout ideas; the options are endless!

What do you hope to do/look/feel like when you reach the 100th day?

With this challenge I just want to see what this body of mine can do in 100 days.  I would like to lose some weight, but I’m trying to stay away from the scale.  Weighing yourself is great but for me it’s more about how I feel, my energy level, my attitude and how my clothes fit.  I hope to gain a lot of muscle mass and get to a feel-good spot where I’m all over confident. 

How do you stay motivated?

I would say my biggest motivator is all the support I’ve been receiving from my family, friends and also people I don’t even know who are following my Instagram and blog! All the comments have been overwhelmingly awesome and I appreciate every one of them.  Also, progress pictures are a huge motivator for me.  I’m a sucker for a good “before & after” picture.  I took pictures on day one of this 100-day challenge and I just took my first set of progress pictures week 2.  I hope to motivate people who are on board this challenge and I can’t wait to see everyone’s journey and progress.  “Cheers to 100”

Can others join in on the fun?

YES, YES, YES!!! The more, the merrier!! Like I said above, when I started this challenge I had full intentions on doing this alone and I was totally fine with that (but was secretly hoping that a few other people would join me).  A few days after going public with my journey, the responses were AMAZING! Two of my close friends jumped on board right away and then in the past few days, thanks to the power of Instagram and Facebook, 30 women have jumped on board and have committed to the #WorkItOut100 challenge.  If anyone is interested in this challenge the only rules are that you must do some type of workout everyday for 100 days.  Also, if you’re on Instagram use #WorkItOut100 on all of your workout posts so that we can all follow along your journey and encourage/motivate you along the way!

You can follow along with me at:

Instagram: amcguire87


I'm not only proud of Amanda for taking herself up on this challenge, but also for the way she is helping others along the way.  I'm always a fan for reaching out and motivating others simply by sharing OUR stories.  It shows we don't have superpowers and that we are no better than the person standing next to us at the grocery store. 

The power of "us" - you and I - are pretty remarkable if you slow down and think about it.  Heck, look at the changes that Amanda has already seen in herself after two weeks!  Imagine if we all moved a little more, ate a little cleaner, shared more of us with more of them. 

Starting today, I am now joining Amanda on the #WorkItOut100 journey!  I would love if you would join us, too!  Again, a workout doesn't have to be anything more than a walk after dinner!  Anyone can do this.  

Comment below and let us know that you will be committing yourself to 100 days of moving! 

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