Saturday, January 18, 2014

Own It

She was driving to Aspen and I was driving around downtown Denver, yet we both had awestruck views and couldn’t stop repeating ourselves.

--- Do you see how gorgeous the mountains look right now as the sun is setting?  We live here.  Want to go to Snowmass?  Oh yeah, I am.  We live here.  I feel like my life is a movie right now and someone just pushed play.  We live here.  I think I just saw Eric Decker. We live here. ---

I’m well aware that I talk about my love for Denver often.  From the “big city life” to the mountains, this place has transformed me.  I own it - the events, the restaurants, the people, the experiences.  They are mine and I’m proud to say so because I think we all should be a little arrogant and snotty about where we live. 

It shows that we are taking in all that our mailing address has to offer.  We seek out the hidden treasures – bars, restaurants, shops, trails – because we want to know more, do more, see more, and in return, share more.  

Are you living in a place that you wish so badly to move away from?  Now is the time to remind yourself of the things that make you want to do cart wheels and high-five strangers.  The things that light your face up and bring out the best you.  Because guess what?  There will come a day when you don’t live there anymore and you will miss it.

Take it from me.  I miss home – the lake, Caribou, 8th Street Dairy Queen on a summer night – but I’m owning where I live because one day I will miss it and no one likes missing something they never truly had. 

It dawned on her that 
happiness is right here
right now.

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