Wednesday, January 1, 2014




Writing //  I want to connect more words together these next 365 days; clicking "Publish" more often whether it be a lengthy post or one that is short and sweet and sprinkled with a quote off Pinterest.  I will challenge myself to dig deeper, think harder, reach further in hopes of making more connections with my readers.

Faith //  Gone are the days of a "Sunday only" faith.  I will take my relationship with God beyond the walls of my church on Sunday mornings and carry it throughout all areas of my life.

Jumping //  I'm going to jump more.  Jump into new hobbies, adventures, friendships, relationships.  I will take risks while jumping into the unknowns and uncertainties but won't regret my decisions when I land softly and firmly on both feet.

Carrie //  More me, less you.  2013 showed me glimpses of the woman I am meant to be and 2014 will continue to show me more. I'm not going to listen to you tell me what brands I should dress myself in, when I can consider myself "successful" and how I should order my Lattes.  I'm closing my eyes when you point out my flaws and keeping my mouth closed when I want to trigger back.  You, society, are so 2013.

Giving //   Time, help, money, talents, knowledge, advice.  All of it. 

Reading //  I will open a book before bed instead of Apps.  I want to read about everything from adventure to travel, love to friendships, heath to fitness.  Any book recommendations?

What will you be doing more of in 2014?

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