Saturday, January 11, 2014

Are You Uncomfortable?

I like being comfortable.  Two-sizes too big sweatpants, no makeup, an inviting couch, a cozy cabin in the winter and a chick-flick on the screen.  That’s the good stuff, the magic ticket to cloud nine in my mind.  But...wait for it...

Being comfortable makes me uncomfortable. 

Vacation is a time of relaxation and slow moves and being comfortable.  It's about reacquainting yourself with hobbies that have started collecting dust and seeing familiar faces that haven't been seen in too long.  

Yes, I loved my time back home recently.  I loved shopping for my best friends wedding dress, meeting my college roommates newborn, talking hockey with my nephew, running alongside my dad, learning how to knit from my mom, and much more.  But there came a point where I was too comfortable and that's when things started to take a turn. 

I was anxious and always felt like I had a million things to do when really the only thing was to take a chill pill.  I worried about not getting everything done, not seeing everyone I should and if I didn't see those people, would they hold it against me?  After dissecting these thoughts and asking myself why I was feeling this way, the answer was that I was turning back into the old me.  The me who had no real purpose, no real direction and no real sense of happiness because I was always worrying about something.  I was getting comfortable with doing nothing and that made me uncomfortable.

It forced me to look at my life and the questions that make us think.  Really think. 

Minnesota was wonderful but it reminded me that I am where I need to be.  My feet are placed firmly in Colorado and they enjoy walking around here.  I survived my first week back in the real world, not to say it wasn't a strugglefest every morning my alarm would go off, but I'm back to me.  Routine and workouts and work and planned coffee dates with friends.  I'm back to reading before bed, blogging on Saturday mornings and calling my mom everyday at 3pm. 

Get back to being uncomfortable.   

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