Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is This Garbage Can Regulation Size?

I was "bit by the bug" around 2am on Tuesday morning.  After having no work on Monday, I was determined to make it to work on Tuesday.  So, I did what every "I think I could vomit at any second" person does and went to my morning class at the gym - Step & Strength.

Yeah...I'm stupid.  In between side lunges and bicep curls, jumping up and down and squatting, I felt faint, sick to my stomach, and just plain BLAH.  

Long story short, I stayed home from work. 

After laying in bed most of the day, I did my nanny duties (it was only an hour) and returned home for a quick cat nap before going downtown for my roommate, Anna's, birthday dinner.  I was feeling better and thought yes!  The bug has flown away!  


I woke up this morning still feeling nauseous but already feeling guilty that I missed work the day before.    I did my usual morning routine and by 8am I was still doing "ok".  I arrived at school and was "bit"...again.  And again....I tried to be a superhero but the hot/cold spells were just not cutting it for me so I went home.

I would be fine with a day at home to rest, blog, catch up on little tasks like cleaning my closet, if only I WASN'T GOING TO THE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE CONCERT TONIGHT!  I mean it's happening, I'm going, and my 13 year-old self would hate me if I didn't, but let's hope they let me bring in a garbage can just for emergency purposes! 

The things I do for the men I love. 

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  1. I wouldn't miss JT even if I was on my death bed! You go girl!!!!