Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorite: Everything Fits Gym Bag by Gaiam

Once the new school year started and my new gym routine did as well, I knew I needed a durable bag to carry from point A to point B. To save both money and a spot for something on my Christmas list, I lugged around an old duffle bag.  It wasn’t long that the bag started ripping and tearing, giving me another reason (like I needed one already) to count down the days until Christmas, where I would, fingers crossed, unwrap a brand new bag!

And I did!  The Everything Fits Gym Bag by Gaiam was now off my list and in my hands.  As seen in the picture, this bag is for all types of people - Yogi's or not.  Five things I rave about this bag are as follows:

  1. Front vented section for your tennis shoes so you don't have to mix them in with all your non-stinky belongings.
  2. Many compartments, inside and out, including those that are zipped and those that are not. 
  3. Yoga mat strap holder on the bottom.
  4. VERY durable material - no ripping or tearing anytime soon!
  5. If you aren't loving the purple, it comes in black, too! 

Question & Comment:  What is one thing you can't leave the house with when heading to workout? 

* Comment as "Anonymous" if you are having trouble but please leave your name so I can say hi! I am in the process of making a "how-to" on the comment process...stay tuned! 


  1. Ooo I love that color!! That is perfect for everything you dream of putting in there! Im a bag lady and my closests are filled with bags maybe I need to add this to my collection!


    1. It's the perfect shade of purple if I do say so myself!