Sunday, January 26, 2014

#WorkItOut100: Week 1

When I agreed to do this challenge, I wasn't planning on getting sick the first week of it.  But, a challenge is a challenge and life doesn't give you a guareanteed 100 sick-free days when accepting one!  I found that this week made me think about workouts that involved something other than a gym, a treadmill, or even one that gets your heart rate up and your sweat dripping down your face.  

I forgot how beneficial a walk is outside - not only for your body but your mind, too.  The fresh air combined with time to clear your head and realign your thoughts is pretty changing when you get out and experience it for yourself. 

Question & Comment:  Have you began the #WorkItOut100 journey?  If so, how has it been so far?  What have you learned this week?

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