Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Favorite: Music

This week's Friday Favorite is brought to you by my lovely cousin, Sarah! We have many (and I mean many) things in being we are both bloggers! When reading her words, you would never think she is only a senior in high school. Her sentences are mature, thought-provoking, and every post will leave you looking closer at your world and how you are living it. Check out her spin on life at "The Roots of My Happiness"  - alright my lady, take it away!


I love music. In fact, I have my headphones in right now! Whether I’m listening to it when I’m attempting to study, when I’m out taking a jog, or when I’m in the car with friends putting the infamous “dance like nobody’s watching” quote to the test, music keeps me going. That is why I chose it as this week’s Friday Favorite!

 I am sure you can all relate to having that one treasured song in which you play over and over again, yet never seem to grow tired of.  Certain songs have the ability to provoke certain emotions. For example, there are light and fun pop songs that typically put a smile on my face because they remind me of summer. Or, there are songs that give off a “you’ve got this!” vibe in which I enjoy listening to when working out.

Acoustic covers by Boyce Avenue or Jasmine Thompson seem to have the ability to lull me to sleep, while Turn Down For What by DJ Snake/Lil Jon, Put The Gun Down by ZZ Ward, and Timber by Pitbull do the exact opposite.

Although most lyrics of today’s top hits have absolutely no correlation to my everyday life, they never fail at causing me to get up and dance! I greatly encourage everyone to listen to music more often. If you already do, try venturing out to different genres! Always keep an open mind.

P.S. When do you most often listen to music? While at the gym? In your car? At home? 

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  1. You two cousins are AWESOME!! Love from Mom and Aunt Marcia