Sunday, March 23, 2014

WorkItOut100: Week 9 Recap

Nothing too out of the ordinary happened this week other than I attempted a run Friday after work. After 2 weeks on "running vacation", I couldn't wait any longer to see if giving my foot a break was what it needed to get it back to it's full potential. I started off slow and within minutes I had shooting pain. Ugh. Here's a little fact about me though - if I say I'm going to run 4 miles, I'm going to run 4 miles. I probably looked pretty pathetic through the eyes of strangers but boy did it feel great to get back at it again! 

After consulting with my doctor dad, he suggested that it might be my shoes that are causing the discomfort and not a stress fracture like we had originally thought. Yesterday afternoon I stopped by the running store to figure out what my options were and to see if this sort of injury is common among runners. 

The worker said it is very common and suggested I try orthotics first, as my pair of shoes are high-end and he would hate to have me spend more money on a new pair. So, $40 later (I thought he didn't want me to spend more money?!), I had orthotics put in my Brooks and I was out the door. 

The weather was TOO PERFECT not to run I did. Guess what? MY FOOT HARDLY HURT! I was elated, relieved, and now I feel more motivated than ever to get back in training mode! 

Time: 30 Minutes
Targets: Legs/Glutes
Lovin' It (based on a scale from 1-10): 8.5

I never thought the elliptical could be so challenging until I stepped off after this workout and felt like my legs were going to give out on me. The increase in speed paired with the increase in incline is quite a deadly match. As always, it was good to switch it up and shake up my routine!

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