Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Favorite: Nike+ Running App

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Unlike the post about the MyFitnessPal App I wrote about earlier this week, the Nike+ Running App is not being deleted anytime soon. There are many (hundreds) fitness apps that have been created - from workout plans to tracking how much water your drink - but this one is ranked numero uno in my world. Why?

- Easy to use
- Many features including GPS, pace tracker, timer, calories torched, and pedometer
- Audio feedback 

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There are days when it feels liberating to leave my phone at home and just run, but with training for my half in full swing, it's helpful to know the logistics of my runs. It's also helpful being able to look back at previous runs to see how my time has improved (hopefully) and to see how many miles I have logged for the week/month.

P.S. - What app(s) are you downloading lately? 

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  1. This app came pre-downloaded and uneraseable on my phone, now I may start using it! I've used Runtastic, Garmin Connect, Fitbit (of course ;) ), and a squat and pushup app, too. The biggest bummer is when they aren't free, or there is a free version for a time. That can be frustrating!

    Thanks for sharing this one though!