Sunday, March 16, 2014

Question & Answer

I grew up going to church but will be the first to admit that I spent more time doodling on the Bulletin than reading the words that were printed in it. I dreaded Lent because that meant I had to go to church twice a week and hello, I was a teenager with a social life to maintain.

During college, any sort of religious building was nonexistent. The only time I prayed was before a test I didn’t study enough for and Sunday mornings were spent Google searching “quickest hangover cures.” But the second something didn’t go my way, I blamed God for leading me onto unleveled ground and slowly lost trust in the one person that I was suppose to trust the most. 

My faith today is the strongest it has ever been but that’s not to say I have no doubts or questions about it. I pray, attend church, and for extra brownie points I read my pastors recently published book before bed each night. It may be strong but I still have my uncertainties and let's face it, faith can be a scary thing when you indulge yourself fully in it. 

I catch myself retreating back to my college ways from time to time, quickly blaming Him for taking me through a rainstorm without an umbrella and rain boots. I ask him question after question, and getting a quick answer back is usually not the case. But then I catch myself reflecting back and seeing that overtime, my questions are being answered and my trust in Him still remains.

It’s normal to question faith because it’s a confusing thing. Let’s be honest, some stories in the Bible sound completely Harry Potter mixed with Chicken Soup for the Soul. We need to trust Him enough with the big questions because we have enough trust that He will answer them.


  1. WE are TOTALLY our own worst enemy when it comes to keeping consistent in our faith! That foundation is SO important, so when doubt creeps in, it has no basis against what you know is true. Keep growing! I'm proud of you.

  2. Great post! God is constant even we are not.