Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorite: Races

I find myself signing up for a race when I need something to look forward to or just want to set a goal and prove to myself that I can and will reach it. I've ran in a handful of races ranging from 5k's to half marathons to marathon relays. None have killed me yet so I just keep running and signing up for more!

There are many reasons I love races including:


From free shirts to bags to samples of protein bars and Gatorade, race swag is always an added bonus!

Post-Race Grub


Beer after a race never sounds appetizing to me but somehow I always seem to down one in no time!


I have a wall of medals in my bedroom as a reminder of the races I've been a part of. It's not a way to "show off" to others what I have done but more a visual of memories that these races have created in my life. 


I always tell first-time race go-ers that running in a race is a million times easier (and more fun) than running by yourself. The adrenaline you get from spectators cheering you on from the sidelines is exhilarating and makes you second guess yourself when you are thinking about stopping....I mean, do you really want to stop when people are there to cheer you on? No. 

P.S. What is your favorite part of a race?

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