Sunday, March 16, 2014

#WorkItOut100: Week 8 Recap & Workout Suggestions

Look guys! One whole week with NO running! My heel is still on the mend so going to keep training "smart" and lay off running for a few more days. The weather this week was ideal for outside time, making my Monday workout a walk to the park to kick around the soccer ball with the girl I nanny. You can never go wrong with fresh air and sun on the skin!

We all know routine can get boring after a while and the same goes for workouts, too. I tried 2 new ones this week and I have shared my thoughts on them for you to see if they would be something you would like to try out. Both workouts are linked - click on the text to begin!  

1. Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6-Pack Abs Video

Time: 30 minutes
Targets: Abs
Lovin' It (based on a scale from 1-10): 10

Abs are what every woman I right? We want our stomachs toned, tight, and looking pretty while being paired with a swimsuit. If you are looking for 30 minutes of straight up abs with a sprinkle of overall body work, look no further! This video doesn't only target abs, but uses isolated moves, cardio spurts, and hand weights to give you an overall body workout. Another thing to rave about is that you don't have to leave your bedroom to get the sweat dripping. All you need is an open space, one hand weight, and YOU!

2. Gluteal Elliptical Workout

Time: 30 minutes
Targets: Glutes 
Lovin' It (based on a scale from 1-10): 8

This is a great workout if you are looking to switch up your Elliptical routine. If you are like me, you are already checked out after the first 10 minutes on the machine and you swear the clock is broke because you can't possibly imagine being on it any longer. This workout keeps you multitasking by changing the resistance and speed every so often which in turn makes the time go by faster. I didn't feel like I was challenged enough but once I got off to wipe my machine down, my legs were already feeling it! 

Alright friends, time to hit "Publish" and hike a new trail in this beautiful state I live in!

P.S. What do you do when your routine needs some revamping? Where do you find new workouts to try?

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