Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Favorite Posts From 2012

Take a dip in the "P.S. Wish You Were Here Hot Tub Time Machine" and travel back to words and pictures from 2012! 

10 Simple Rules : Do you ever wonder how to pray? I do. I always wonder if I'm saying the right words, if I am being selfish in the way I ask for things, etc. Here are 10 simple rules on how to pray.

At The Cross : With everything you do in life, do it at the cross. Start and end, at the cross. Bring your worries, doubts, questions, prayers, excitement, everything. He brought it all there & we should, too. 

Suit Up : Our failures come about when we try to be something that God doesn't want us to be.

Challenge : Small changes lead to surprising rewards. 

On Being Found : As you grow older, you often don't notice when the game has started. You long to hide in your safe place because you don't want the reality of life to find you. The reality of bills, pressures, homework, relationships, work, routines. Where are you hiding? 

Be You : It is quite silly to think about being someone other than yourself. You are wasting each day away trying to impress people, do things that deep down you know aren't making you any happier, going through the motions just to please other people. Go ahead, start YOUR LIFE. Do the things YOU want to do.

Bringing The Tent : Failing = Learning.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza : It's not delivery, it's

Oatmeal Pancakes : Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - you pick! 

Fall Chopped Salad : Most popular recipe featured on my blog. The perfect salad for any occasion and a hit among many! 

My Getaway : Thank you, Blanche Lake. 

Where To Now? : How did you know where you were suppose to live? How did you know that where you are is where you are suppose to be? On the flip side, do you think that we will truly understand why we are where we are? 

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