Wednesday, May 9, 2012

where to?

I got what I wanted. The freedom to go anywhere in this world to live, work, & play. Yet now I am a zit faced, constant headache, stressed out girl because of it. Did I just paint you a pretty picture or what?

I had a dream the other night that I was on a bus, surrounded by friends. I asked where we were and was told to look out the window. All I could see were hundreds of cars with Colorado license plates. 

I woke up. Was that a sign? I thought. 

Colorado has been one of my top contenders. But in reality, I don't have any others. When I think about potentially moving there, I don't get butterflies in my stomach or "the feeling" that it's where I'm meant to be. Should I?

Googlemaps has been my best friend the past couple days. As my eyes scan the states, I picture myself moving to one of them. Arizona? Montana? Texas? Yet I keep coming up short. 

My prayers have gone a little something like this lately:

I trust you. 
I know you are holding my hand.
I will continue to hold your hand as I know you are leading me down my path. 
Where the heck are you taking me?
Can't you just give me a little hint? PLEASE.
How do I know where I'm suppose to be? 

All I know right now is that I yearn for change. A change of scenery, people, thoughts, personalities, fads, yada yada yada. 

I'm asking YOU, my blog readers, how did you know where you were suppose to live? How did you know that where you are is where you are suppose to be? On the flip side, do you think that we will truly understand why we are where we are? 

If any of you want to just tell me where to move, that would be great. I will even sign on the dotted line for you. 

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  1. You are so cute! You remind me of what I was like in my twenties :) I think you are supposed to be questioning everything and the answers don't come easily. Sometimes I think we end up somewhere by default... or through a series of blunders. But everything that happens to us, grows us in some capacity. My favorite psychiatrist I worked for said "just make a move, even if its a wrong move, go forward. Even a "bad" decision is better than no decision."

    Would you like your blog to be added into my sidebar? You might generate some more readers if you'd like? Totally up to you!

    Hugs sweet girl- keep trusting and talking- you WILL figure it out :)