Monday, May 14, 2012

be carrie

As I was reading The Happiness Project, the author's words struck me:

As I worked on the blog, I often had to remind myself to "Be Gretchen" and to be faithful to my vision of my project.

These 23 year old hands, feet, legs, hair, everything, it's mine. No one else's, just mine. My thoughts, ideas, opinions, as they may be similar to others, only I can justify them. 

The other night I was told I was being picked up to head to a bonfire. "Can I wear sweatpants?" I asked. "I don't care, you can wear whatever you want" he said. Then I thought, heck yes I can wear sweatpants! If I can't be myself then who I am trying to play a trick on? Be Carrie.

If I want to act like a kid, I will. Even if it means riding around a plastic scooter while my niece runs after me yelling "Aunt Carrie you are too big for that!". Trust me little girl, you are never too old to ride on a scooter. 

I went to church by myself yesterday. Never in a million years would I think I would do that. I was worried of what people would think. Really Carrie? It's church. No one is judging you there except God.

As the music began to play, my hand started to tap on my leg. I instantly thought about what people would think. Isn't this crazy thinking that goes on in my head? I was honestly worried, at church, surrounded by people who were singing, clapping, letting go, of being myself. Here I was scared to be Carrie.

If I want to laugh so hard I snort, I'm going to.
If I want to blog about unicorns, I'm going to.
If I want to buy a napkin holder because it is on sale & even though I don't need one now, eventually I will, go ahead lady & ring that sucker up.
If I want to go to the store with no makeup & my hair messy, I'm going to.
If I want to go to a church that is different than the one I was brought up in, I'm going to.
If I want to cuddle up on a Friday night & watch a Disney movie, I'm going to.


Readers, it is quite silly to think about being someone other than yourself. You are wasting each day away trying to impress people, do things that deep down you know aren't making you any happier, going through the motions just to please other people. Go ahead, start YOUR LIFE. Do the things YOU want to do.

"If I wanted to get anything accomplished, I needed to keep pushing ahead without constantly second-guessing myself". 

- Gretchen Rubin

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