Monday, May 14, 2012

my wave story

This is a story about a friendship. Like many, we were close for a couple years & then we were not so close. The not so close years didn't mean we were mad at each other, it's just that a little thing called life got in the way. 

It wasn't up until about a month ago that Tricia & I reconnected again (even though we had been living right next door to each other for a couple months). She was interested in Herbalife & so we met for a shake date. 

While talking, I noticed that even though we had not talked for months, we picked up right where we left off. She listened to my problems & I listened to hers. She listened to my struggles & I listened to hers. We reminisced about "the good ol' days", gossiped (because we are girls), & planned our next get together.

Then she tells me she is moving 4 hours away. Ugh. For her last night in town, we went out for dinner & back to my house for a wine & craft night. We cranked up the music, poured our glass (an actual glass, not a wine glass. No, we are too good for those things) of wine, & got started on our Mother's Day gifts. 

We exchanged cards that night. After she read mine & I read hers, it was creepy how similar our words were. But these words, wow. Just WOW. People, THESE ARE WHY WE NEED TO CHERISH OUR FRIENDSHIPS.

It has...saved my life Carrie that we reconnected when we did. 

Although I find God cruel for taking me away again so quickly, I know that he has some wicked awesome plan for us we don't even know about. 

I hope that we can find a new & blossoming path in an old (not tired) friendship.

But seriously, you can move back now. 

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