Friday, May 25, 2012


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I'm pretty sure I have dealt with almost every emotion that the human body can deal with these past 30 some days. Not saying this makes me an emotion expert or anything, but bare with me as I think I've come along something that we all can learn from.

I have loved, I have lost.
 I have cried, I have laughed. 
I have felt neglected, I have felt comforted.
I have felt fear, I have felt adventure.  
I have felt rejected, I have felt needed. 
I have felt numb, I have felt animated. 
I have been independent, I have been dependent.
I have been lonely, I have been fulfilled.
I have been strong, I have been weak.

Notice something? With every bad emotion, there is an opposite emotion. Emotions are what drive us & what drive us astray. It is my job, our job, to dig for these "good" emotions when the "bad" ones are breaking us down. Take music for example. Listen to a sappy love song while you've recently been dumped & you will find yourself crawling in to bed & littering it with used tissue (complete with mascara stains. But, not like I would know or anything). Listen to an upbeat song in the morning & you will see your reflection in the mirror shakin' your thang (again, I've only heard stories of people doing this).

Go ahead. Crank up the music that puts you in a good mood & dance away. If were like me yesterday morning at 6:30 am, I am lucky I didn't get a noise complaint from the neighbors. Just sayin'. 

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