Saturday, May 5, 2012


"Carrie Day" Itinerary

12:03 PM  -  Pick up Mallory

12:30 PM  -  Arrive at the mall

12:40 PM  -  Get manicures & pedicures. Make sure to look at Mallory when getting her foot massage. She will look like she is in complete relaxation & you will wonder if she is going to fall asleep on you. Soak in her giggles when getting her feet scrubbed. Tell her that you have almost kicked the lady because your feet are so ticklish. Get ready, this sparks more giggles. 

1:45 PM  -  Lunch. Even though you don't want to eat at the mall, she does. Don't fight it, just get in the McDonald's line & order her a Happy Meal. 

2:15 PM  -  Back home you go (even though every outfit in the store windows are calling your name, just keep on walking. Your bank account will thank you later)

2:20 PM  -  Fall asleep on the way home. Well, not YOU. Just her. After all,  getting pampered is such hard work. 

2:30 PM  -  Admire your freshly painted nails.

2:35 PM  -  The kids will ask you to take "silly faces" pictures. & this is what you will end up with.

3:00 PM  -  Get in your car & smile. You just had the best afternoon with your niece. You are one lucky aunt. 

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